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Hi welcome to my launch page, my name is Matthew Klein and this is my launch page.

I’m in the process of a few projects both with some creative writing and drawing.

My love for drawing stemmed from when I was a child. My Mother is a self confessed Sci-Fi
geek, that’s where her interest in this rubbed off on me. And my interest for drawing stems back
from my Father. He is a fantastic artist himself. If my memory serves me right it was this one
time we were visiting my father in hospital. I’m not sure what he was in for. But I can recall
he drew a picture of Batman for me, and it was awesome. It sparked my interest to draw, and draw
I did.

Nearly everyday after school I came home and stooped over my Comics collection. Selectively picking
one with art work which was awesome. Then I’d try my hand to draw it myself. I wasn’t too bad at it
either. Eventually this became a passion of mine and my love and flair for art grew. I’ve always had
a vivid imagination, quite often I’d express this with some doodle of a monster that I plucked from
my head.

As for my writing, I’ve always been fascinated with Books, ever since I first read the Lord of the Rings.

It was this book that sparked my interest to put pen to paper. My first novel idea, Helfar, I first
penned down in 1993. It would be some 5 years before I picked up where I left off and wrote some more.
Many years passed but I always kept my original manuscript. Over this period the words grew in to
paragraphs then further into chapters. Time & time again I edited & re-wrote this story, completely
restating the entire story twice before writers block set in. In 2006, the birth of my son Griffynn
changed me, changed my perspective on the world. Suddenly I was a Father, and I was really not ready
for it. I was blessed with such a beautiful gift from God. But all of a sudden my love of writing &
drawing fell away as time was never on my side.


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