Character Snippet

Bekan ‘Bear Crusher’ Annhig

by Matthew Klein

The cold gust of air penetrated through the small town as a lone man battled the snow choked streets. His hefty stature left deep imprints in the soft snow, revealing the long trek he had endured from the mountainous Northern passes. It was as if the wild blizzard had followed him laboriously for the past two days almost in an effort to hinder his every move. Though he would have to endure and push on further, as the task he must accomplish is of the up most importance. His fur lined jacket was sealed tightly around his large birth as he struggled to resist the forces of nature. All the towns people were smart enough not to venture outdoors. All around the streets were empty, not like the bustling busy little place he once new. It now resembled nothing more than a ghost town. As he turned into the main street muffled voices and music reached to him invitingly as the warm set glow of the tavern beckoned to him. The lone lamp post and the swinging sign at the taverns entrance was all that could be seen. A warm meal, a soft bed and the company of others had long avoided him. It was many days further that he must journey to the open plains of the Azzarath, and there would be little or if no more settlements as he continues deeper in to their lands.

The gruff man stopped and studied the door of the tavern, as he contemplated his next course of action, he spoke aloud.. “I should stop and rest, it is hopeless to continue on my course in such whether. Damn the Gods for their continued interruption, test me shall you? It will take a lot more than this to stop, Bekan, ‘Bear crusher’ Annhig. Huh I laugh in your face Erdwin Ka (god) of the skies, for your hindrance will not perturb me from completing the fate beset me by the stars, I shall push on and set all things a right”. He raised his clenched fist at the sky in defiance.